Trust The Experts To Protect Your Investments

Now is the time to bring in your equipment for its seasonal tune-up at your authorized dealer. It is our desire to help you maintain the high quality and performance you've come to expect from your premium equipment. Most owners of fine equipment recognize the value of routine maintenance.

J & I Labor Rates

Shop Hourly Rate $99.00/hour

Minimum shop charge is $40.00

Tractor Service $199.00 plus parts 

Zero Turn Rider Service $174.94 plus parts 

Rider Service $149.99 plus parts 

Walk Behind Mower Service $89.95 plus parts 

Generator Service $69.96 plus parts 

2 Cycle Service $57.33 plus parts 

Bar Grind $15.00

Chain, Bar & Sprocket Service $20.00 plus parts 

Chain Sharpening On The Saw $15.00/chain

 Off The Saw $8.00/chain

Mower Blade Sharpening On The Mower $15.00/blade 

 Off The Mower $8.00/blade

 Mulching Blades $14.00/blade

Pick Up and Delivery Service

Rates are for pick up/delivery within a 15 mile radius. Outside of 15 miles, a charge of $1.50/mile may be added.

Riding Mowers $65.00

Tractors $120.00

All Other Small Engine $50.00

New Equipment $25.00